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reading recco

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie (Orbit, 2013) Not, let me say flat out, a recommendation to every reader. You’ll have to enjoy and appreciate science fiction. By which I mean real SF, not comforting archetypes and mythic tropes dressed up in flashy magic-tech that reassure you about eternal (Western, Anglo, patriarchal) verities, like, say, Star […]


Received in today’s mail a brand-new book, unordered, unpaid for. One might ask why?, especially as it’s a detective novel and I’ve never made a secret of not being a big fan of the genre. Well, if one were of the peculiar tribe that reads copyright pages, one would find a clue: On the reverse […]

reading reccos

For the last year or so, shamefully, I’ve done hardly any reading for pleasure. I don’t quite know why. (Black depression. Ssshhh.) Nearly all the fiction I’ve read has been unpublished, either my own—a matter for despair, usually, although a recent reread of The Unexpected Thing in advance of this summer’s revision proved mostly delightful—or […]

hear this

Thursday 2 August was my late mother’s birthday. She would have been eighty-six. Also my imaginary friend Rusty Shirazi’s nineteenth, who shares Lee Jeffers’s birthday for reasons I’ve enumerated before. I was preoccupied with freelance work all day, though, and shamefully forgot the duple occasion. Friday 3 August, yesterday, my muse of the last four […]

return to Astreiant

Nicolas Rathe and Philip Eslingen are back! And I am really very extremely pleased to be involved in their renascence. Point of Hopes, the novel in which Rathe, Eslingen, and the great city of Astreiant were introduced, was the second collaboration of science-fiction novelist Melissa Scott and her partner, Lisa A. Barnett, following by several […]