in progress

Hmm-hah. I’ve been writing a novel. Since early November of last year. Unlike two or three previous…projects reported in this space since, oh, 2012 or so, I expect to complete this one. The word count this morning, 22 June 2017, stands at just under 98,000, which works out to 300 typescript pages in the twelve-point font I prefer (337 in, pfaugh, Times New Roman). I’m over attempting to predict how long the complete draft MS will be. My original “plan”—sarcastic air quotes, I never plan anything, where’s the fun in that?—was for a quick and dirty 60 to 80K words. My subconscious/muse/whatever/bitch says Hah! to that.

At any rate, a novel. A long novel. Distressingly, I have no title yet: the placeholder file name is simply the protagonists’ names: Fide and Ggau.

Fide? Ggau? Wotthehell kinds of names are those?

The names of sword-bearing heroes of an imaginary-world adventure fantasy, obviously. What genre could be more appropriate for parlous times? And, partly due to technical difficulties I just can’t deal with right now, that is all I choose to say about it at the moment.