Alex Jeffers.

lobelia selfie 17 June 2015

Writer (of various sorts of fiction and, as professionally required, copy). Editor/copyeditor/proof reader (my own and others’ writings). Lambda Literary Award finalist (twice in one year) and winner (once). Also editor and/or designer of several other finalists and winners. Reader (catholic, if not Roman). Designer (as far as it goes). Seamster (getting back into practice). Gardener (containers on the deck but I have plans). Listener (to music, to friends, to crazy people). Commenter (not so much, really, though I do talk, perhaps too much, to the cats). Drinker (put-hair-on-your-chest* black coffee mostly, spiced with the occasional Earl Grey, pinot grigio, Campari, gin, or Irish whiskey). Smoker (I know, all right, so just be quiet). Dreamer (actually, I almost never recall my dreams). Ivy League grad (it’s true!). Tattooed and pierced person (you can take that on trust). Quasi Muslim (if, you know, I believed in God). Football fan (no, no, no, not American football: real football, what you call soccer). Gay man.

Autobiographer? Not just no, fuck off and die no.

* not that that’s worked for me, dammit