Monthly Archives: February 2013

publication day

Deprivation; or, Benedetto furioso: an oneiromancy is today officially in print. Hard copies can be purchased at Amazon, if not today, soon. Jumping the gun a bit, e-books have been available a few days already: at Amazon for those who reside in the Kindle’s walled garden, at Smashwords in many other formats (try this discount […]

an interview!

Some months ago, I was asked to copyedit a novel forthcoming from Lethe Press prior to designing and laying it out. The author, I was told, was very nearly as persnickety and detail-OCD as I. (Steve Berman, Lethe’s publisher, trembled in fear of her. It takes a lot to make Steve tremble.) The author was […]

to press

My second full-length novel and sixth book, Deprivation; or, Benedetto furioso: an oneiromancy, has gone to press. The print edition should therefore be available (through Amazon at least) by the official publication date of 28 February. Currently preparing conversion files for Lethe Press’s e-book wizard, in expectation of electronic versions for computers, tablets, e-readers, and—who […]

covers, covers

Prime Books has posted cover designs for two forthcoming anthologies in which I have stories. Behold: Bad Seeds, forthcoming in July and containing my story “You Deserve.” (Note that the cover displayed at that Amazon link has been superseded by the above, more effective, less cliché-horror-story image.) Zombies, forthcoming in August and containing my story […]