Look at that: eight of ’em.

artwork: Ben Baldwin. design: Alex Jeffers.

That Door Is a Mischief. Lethe Press, September 2014.

design: Alex Jeffers; images: jcarillet (dome); GlobalP (fox); muratseyit (hamam massage).

The Padişah’s Son and the Fox: an erotic novella. Lethe Press, October 2013.

Winner of the 26th Annual Lambda Literary Award for Gay Erotica.

design: Alex Jeffers; images: auremar (portrait)/fotoping (landscape).

Deprivation; or, Benedetto furioso: an oneiromancy. Lethe Press, February 2013.

design: Alex Jeffers; image: tropicalpix

You Will Meet a Stranger Far from Home: wonder stories. Lethe Press, July 2012.

design: Alex Jeffers; images (portrait) Bayram Tunç; (landscape) Petek Arici

The Abode of Bliss: ten stories for Adam. Lethe Press, August 2011.

The New People
design: Christopher Fletcher; artwork: Jeff Lund

M-Brane SF Double #1, comprising The New People by Alex Jeffers and Elegant Threat by Brandon Bell. M-Brane Press, June 2011.

design: Alex Jeffers; image: PeskyMonkey

Do You Remember Tulum?: novella in the form of a love letter. sentence and paragraph, 2009 (OP). Reissued, Lethe Press, 2010.

design: Alex Jeffers; image: M.L.

Safe as Houses: a novel. Faber and Faber (US), 1995 (OP). Reissued, Gay Men’s Press, 1997 (OP). Reissued, sentence and paragraph, 2009 (OP). Reissued, Lethe Press, 2009.