another interview

In which I ramble some about Deprivation, some about writing and reading and other matters of survival, and reveal at least one embarrassing personal secret.

My thanks to the perspicacious Gavin Atlas for the questions and to our genial hosts, Jerry L. Wheeler and William Holden of Out in Print, a site you should make a point of visiting every Monday and Thursday. It’s all you need to read about all you need to read.

Not a great deal to report otherwise. Strong possibility of a story sale but I’m not permitted to speak about it yet. Some (not enough) writing: something like a tooth-pulling paragraph a day on a balky subcontinental story. Some (not enough) designing and editing to keep me—and my bank account—entertained. [Speaking of which, I ought to update the design portfolio: six books out since the last additions at the end of February. Maybe tomorrow, a day I’m warned will be chill and miserable.] Some (not nearly enough) signs that spring in New England might finally spring and allow me to retire the fuzzy slippers and long johns for six or eight months.


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