heartfelt thanks

  • To several staff of the ER at Memorial Hospital of Pawtucket who made a game effort at making thirty-six hours on suicide watch less bleak and scary.
  • To Dr G.M. Surti and all the staff of the Kent Unit at Butler Hospital in Providence, for much more than their compassion, good sense, and humor—although all of that was a big help as well.
  • To gentle publisher Steve Berman, at whom I was furious for twenty-four hours—now not so much—and the astonishingly generous secret cabal he rounded up.
  • To my friend Michael Thomas Ford, whose excellent, affecting, and really goddamn funny novel Suicide Notes I should have reread two weeks ago instead of day before yesterday. (I should have called him for the promised Tarot reading as well. But I hate the phone and am only recently half rational. I will collect on that promise soon, Mikey.)
  • To my family, who shouldn’t have needed to prove they love me but I was (am?) an oblivious, self-involved galoot. Especially to big sister Una, for flying across the continent to feed the cats in my absence—and me when I got back—but never made it seem the appalling imposition it was.
  • To Misses Charlotte Brontë and Jane Austen, waiting for me when I came home.


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Heartfelt thanks to you… For accepting the help the universe was providing, and for writing something to let us know you are here and persisting. We missed you!

Good to know you’re home again and to have a few words from you, especially since you’ve clearly been through some terrible times lately. So now take care of yourself, as it seems your friends and family have rallied to help you with that.

Even loyal readers and distant correspondents like us are keeping you in our thoughts, remembering your kind and thoughtful e-mails and the bits of your writing, short and long, that you’ve generously shared with us.

Take time now to recuperate; we’re sure new writing will follow. As long=time readers of your work, we’ve learned the patience to wait for your carefully cultivated riches, like those you have currently brought to fruition.

If there is anything at all we can do, know that you can always call on us. One small thing we have found to do is to write some strong (and we hope thoughtful) reviews of your books to put on Amazon since we know that quantity (and quality) of those reviews help people to decide to choose what they read. We’ll do what we can to aid that process with your works and look forward to learning you are doing better and eventually preparing new books (like the one coming out this fall) to delight us and challenge us as you always have through the years.

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