I meant to post something about this before it happened. But events and procrastination got in the way, and then I was driving a rental truck across this very large nation. After not much in the way of adventures but a lot of time on the road and in motels with unhappy cats, Misses Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë and I are temporarily settled outside the pretty town of Roseburg in southern Oregon—with grateful thanks to my sister and brother-in-law (and their cats) for their generous hospitality.

Over the next few weeks I’ll start looking for a less ad hoc living situation in the larger town of Eugene, an hour north, more suitable for a fancy-free single fellow without a car. Sooner than that, doubtless, I will set up my actual computer so I can get some real work done—an iPad mini is a delightful toy but not much of a tool for the kinds of work I do.

Meanwhile here is a photo of Charlotte and Jane pretending to be good friends in their temporary abode.


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