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the pornographer

…turns out to be more a porn star—or porn performer, most accurately—in “Liam and the Pornographer,” drafted over three days of chain-smoking and chain-coffee-drinking, not enough food or sleep, and two snowstorms. (The break from social media and the wild internet at large was, I’ll admit, refreshing.) There’s a justification for granting said person the former epithet but it couldn’t be packed into this story. So I may change the title.

At any rate, Liam #6 is drafted and…I’m not going to publish it here.* Because tenterhooks and book. Which it begins to seem plausible might be completed before the equinox. There may be eight chapters rather than the seven originally projected and listed and titled back in February 2010, but that’s a dilemma for a different day. After I get some of these clamoring you-have-other-responsibilities-AX! monkeys off my back.

* (If you missed them, #5 is here and #4 here. #s 1 – 3, you’ll need to purchase back issues of Icarus, as linked in the intro to #4.)

Meanwhile, some of you (you know who you are, for the most part) are encouraged to request a *.doc or *.rtf copy of “…and the Pornographer” as it now stands, whether out of simple curiosity or to tell me in no uncertain terms where I went wrong.


Oh, and also? Three! Goddamn! Stories! finished this year, before the end of February. Compare three total in all of 2013.

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