Monthly Archives: November 2011

best of the year?

Oh, unlikely. But still a flattery: my bite-size science fiction story of the very near future, “The Arab’s Prayer” (M-Brane SF #24, January 2011), has been selected for reprint in Steve Berman’s Wilde Stories 2012: The Year’s Best Gay Speculative Fiction. A book I will most likely copyedit, design, and lay out. Meta or what? […]

can haz story sale?

Possibly my favorite of the stories I’ve written in the last two-three years, “Tattooed Love Boys,” has just sold to GigaNotoSaurus. What’s a GigaNotoSaurus, you ask, besides an oddly capitalized giant carnivorous dinosaur? An intriguing webzine dedicated to the notion that science-fiction and fantasy stories want more meat on their bones than allowed by the […]