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can haz story sale?

Possibly my favorite of the stories I’ve written in the last two-three years, “Tattooed Love Boys,” has just sold to GigaNotoSaurus. What’s a GigaNotoSaurus, you ask, besides an oddly capitalized giant carnivorous dinosaur? An intriguing webzine dedicated to the notion that science-fiction and fantasy stories want more meat on their bones than allowed by the 5,000-word limit preferred by most other markets, on or off line. To which end, GigaNotoSaurus publishes one new longish story (novelette to novella) a month. If I had thought to go into webzine publishing instead of boutique-imprint book publishing, GigaNotoSaurus is almost precisely what I would have liked to do. Congratulations to editor Ann Leckie on getting there first (probably better).

Ann expects to feature “Tattooed Love Boys” in the March or April 2012 issue. I’m excited.

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