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the occult head of brass presents

Green Thumb by Tom Cardamone, second in the BrazenHead series of exceptional novellas of queer speculative fiction. Mutability blooms in the Florida Keys after the Red War. The genie boxes created King Pelicans with single human hands to rule the ruins of half-drowned Miami…and other, stranger persons. Slavers roam the deep waters offshore, taking captives […]


“Tattooed Love Boys” is now up for your (absolutely free) reading pleasure at GigaNotoSaurus. “Liam and His Dads,” the third Liam story, has sold to Icarus: The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction and will appear in issue 12—later this month, I believe. Liam #1, “and the Wild Fairy,” featured in issue 5, and #2, “and […]