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My obscurely published 2012 story “Two Dead Men”—second written, first published of the Tales from the Kandadal’s World—has been reprinted online at Lightspeed magazine. The November issue is here, although not all the contents have gone live yet, or you may look into purchasing the entire issue or a subscription in various e-book format here.

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“Two Dead Men” was certainly a worthy story to be revived. A sturdy descendant of Theodore Sturgeon’s Some of Your Blood and Chelsea Quinn Yarbo’s gentle and urbane Comte de Saint-Germain, but you have carried the themes of those two writers deep into a world of gay sensibility you have made your very own. I’ve also had the pleasure to read one other of your richly rewarding Kandadal stories, “The Other Bridge.” I know you’ve even mapped Kandadal out and its landmasses seem to be shadows of our own. And our own darkening times seem to mirror the strife and decadence of your imagined world. May we, too, find the kind of love and tenderness you give your two dead men. The kind that makes them live in our minds and hearts so vividly and truly. You make us feel again Keats’s sentiment: “I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections, and the truth of imagination.” As ever, thank you for your glorious writing; know that it is deeply appreciated.

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