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praise, belated and advance

These are lovely.


Over the weekend, I encountered a thoughtful and complimentary 1 February review of Steve Berman’s  anthology of inspirational stories for queer teens Speaking Out, released last September. On the blog (a resource you should bookmark right fast), Lydia Sharp writes:



And as much as I hate to play favorites, I have to admit that my personal favorite of all the stories is “Captain of the World” by Alex Jeffers.


Then just this morning I was forwarded the first blurb for my forthcoming story collection You Will Meet a Stranger Far from Home…from legendary speculative-fiction writer TANITH LEE, author of Tales from the Flat Earth, Disturbed by Her Song, etc, &c, whose work I have been reading a very long time:


It’s a marvelous book. This guy is a major talent…. The stories compliment yet satisfyingly differ from each other, the atmospheres are like different-colour palettes. Jeffers can be cruel, pragmatic, tender, sweet, funny, sexy, and devastating. The stories, and their underlying themes and currents, linger. A most collectable collection.

That may give me the oomph required to go out and do a nearly literal ton of laundry….

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