design fiction The Abode of Bliss

site housekeeping update

I have added an entry for The Abode of Bliss on the books page as well as giving it its own page. My efficient WordPress guru added a thumbnail ikon in the visual-navigation column on the left of the front page.

Additionally, a few new books have been added to the designs pages since the last time I had anything to say about them: Blame It on the Raging Hormones by Nathan Goh; The March by Walter Holland; Prodigal: Variations by Ed Madden; and Mere Mortals by Erastes. Coming soon: When the de la Cruz Family Danced by Donna Miscolta (awaiting a high-res version of the cover design); Slant by Timothy Wang (awaiting author approval and final design adjustments); Promises, Promises (a scandalous and delicious romp of a lesbian fairy tale) by L-J Baker (awaiting cover illustration); Coast to Coast by François L’Érotique (awaiting interior illustrations); a new edition of Wakefield Poole’s Dirty Poole, updated to tie in with the forthcoming movie about the legendary director of Boys in the Sand (awaiting interior photos and cover image).

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