Monthly Archives: June 2011

freshly hatched

All new and…well, not shiny, new and matte!   AX has a novella to read. Aside, that is, from the BrazenHead slushpile. A minor note: Through some eminently forgiveable oversight, the acknowledgments I meant to append to The New People were left out. So here they are: Acknowledgments Thanks to Betty Harrington for a sensitive, […]

newish designs

Hmmm. I notice I haven’t updated the designs page since March. And yet I have not been idle on that front in the intervening months. So here are five: Several others are more or less done (Coast to Coast by François L’Erotique; my own The Abode of Bliss; Wilde Stories 2011, edited by Steve Berman; […]

glimpsed in the wild

In its native environment, on the virtual shelves at, the rare and elusive M-Brane Double: Evidence of its passage has also been discovered in the Amazon basin: And the Double has been sighted in pampered captivity, on the St Louis, MO, deck of M-Brane publisher Chris Fletcher and cover artist Jeff Lund (Jeff, let […]