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return to Astreiant

Nicolas Rathe and Philip Eslingen are back! And I am really very extremely pleased to be involved in their renascence. Point of Hopes, the novel in which Rathe, Eslingen, and the great city of Astreiant were introduced, was the second collaboration of science-fiction novelist Melissa Scott and her partner, Lisa A. Barnett, following by several […]


Half an hour ago I was unaware of the existence of the Edge Awards. Twenty minutes ago I was informed I’m a nominee. My book, that is: The Abode of Bliss, up against six other works of book-length fiction for “Favorite Gay Book – Fiction” of 2011. (I believe the other six are proper novels—I […]

praise, belated and advance

These are lovely.   Over the weekend, I encountered a thoughtful and complimentary 1 February review of Steve Berman’s  anthology of inspirational stories for queer teens Speaking Out, released last September. On the blog (a resource you should bookmark right fast), Lydia Sharp writes:     And as much as I hate to play […]

table of contents

Formal announcement: My next book will be a collection of short(ish) fiction that teeters along the edges between several genres. Lethe Press will issue You Will Meet a Stranger Far from Home: wonder stories on 14 July 2012. Yes, my birthday, so what, the publisher’s a dear, indulgent friend. From the preface: My first fiction […]