Monthly Archives: November 2012


I had an irresistible notion. And researched and wrote a story around it in four days. (Four days during which I also put together an entire book, interior and cover layouts, and input the author’s corrections to another.) Quite a short story, possibly the shortest I’ve written in living memory, but still. Submitted it. Revised […]

dispatch from the unholy head of brass

The third novella from BrazenHead, The Grigori by Joshua Skye, has gone to press. The book-book should start showing up for sale in the usual on-line places within a week or so, while the e-book will take a little longer. Mr. A lurks in the derelict grand hotel, a haunt of junkies and their dealers, […]

demon child

Of the four anthologies Steve Berman is currently putting together for Prime Books, I was to begin with only confident of producing a story for one: Handsome Devil (despite what the announcement on the far side of that first link says, the book was represented to me as concerning incubi). And so I did, “The […]