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M-Brane SF Double #1

Today was meant to be the release date for M-Brane SF Double #1, partly in honor of the birthday of Jeff Lund, who created the nifty cover art and who puts up with M-Brane publisher Chris Fletcher on a daily basis. Alas, the coincidence of a tiny glitch in the cover layout (not Jeff’s responsibility) […]

mega congratulations

Last evening in New York (while I cowered under the blankets in Rhode Island: second week of persistent migraine aura), my friend Sandra McDonald (who wasn’t in attendance either) won the Lambda Literary Award for LGBT SF/Fantasy/Horror with her luscious, enigmatic, and spectacular collection Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories, which you should buy and […]

tomorrow week

The M-Brane SF Double, comprising (as has been said before) my short novel The New People bound tête-bêche with Brandon Bell’s Elegant Threat, is very nearly a real thing—an object to be held in one’s hands, caressed, fondled…read. M-Brane mastermind Chris Fletcher just released an image of the almost final wraparound cover: You still have […]

open letter

Dear Writers: Sure, the guidelines look a bit long and verbose, perhaps a tad precious. But still, how long can it take you to read 800 words? Please do so. Please preserve me from ever again having to write a sentence like this: Your description of ______ makes clear the work is almost precisely the […]

surprise award nomination

A friend who attended Gaylaxicon 2011 at Outlantacon this weekend informs me that my Arabian Nights-esque short story “Firooz and His Brother” appeared on the shortlist for the 2010 Gaylactic Spectrum Awards. Which all seems rather odd to me since “Firooz” first appeared in 2008, but apparently the 2009 awards recognized only novels while 2010 […]

oh happy day

Today, 8 May 2011, is the eighteenth birthday of my closest companion (bar the cats) of the last two years. Or would be if, you know, he were an actual person rather than an imagined construct, a character in a novel nobody but myself has yet read all the way through. As of today, Nathaniel […]

pub date approacheth

Over at the M-Brane SF blog, Chris Fletcher has announced a firm publication date for the M-Brane SF Double: 31 May 2011. To entice you into being among the early readers of this startling little book, Chris offers a massive trove of free electronic-form M-Brane bling to the first hundred pre-orderers, including a lifetime subscription […]