Monthly Archives: January 2012


Belatedly (the book was originally scheduled for this past November), I’ve been informed the second of three stories I wrote last year has found its first home. “Ban’s Dream of the Sea,” a story I like better today than I did when I wrote it, will appear in Steve Berman’s anthology of marine fantasies The […]

dispatch from the uncanny head of brass

BrazenHead’s second release can now be announced: Green Thumb by Tom Cardamone Mutability blooms in the Florida Keys after the Red War and the genie boxes. King Pelicans with the brains of scientists and a single human hand in place of one webbed foot rule the ruins of half-drowned Miami. Slavers roam the deep waters […]

two things

A nice review of Dayna Ingram’s Eat Your Heart Out, the first release from BrazenHead (exceptional novellas of queer speculative fiction), posted two days ago on the Edge Media network: Despite sounding like clichéd fanfiction written by a horny devotee, “Eat Your Heart Out” is tender yet ruthlessly gruesome. Front cover design for Wilde Stories […]

the year that was

Well, it’s a tradition, I suppose, the year-end sum up, hardly subverted by being posted on the first day of the new year instead of the last of the old. So. In 2011, I published two books, a marvel of unprecedented proportion. The New People (and its companion-between-the-covers, Brandon Bell’s Elegant Threat) made little impression […]