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“Tattooed Love Boys” is now up for your (absolutely free) reading pleasure at GigaNotoSaurus. “Liam and His Dads,” the third Liam story, has sold to Icarus: The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction and will appear in issue 12—later this month, I believe. Liam #1, “and the Wild Fairy,” featured in issue 5, and #2, “and […]

praise, belated and advance

These are lovely.   Over the weekend, I encountered a thoughtful and complimentary 1 February review of Steve Berman’s  anthology of inspirational stories for queer teens Speaking Out, released last September. On the blog (a resource you should bookmark right fast), Lydia Sharp writes:     And as much as I hate to play […]

table of contents

Formal announcement: My next book will be a collection of short(ish) fiction that teeters along the edges between several genres. Lethe Press will issue You Will Meet a Stranger Far from Home: wonder stories on 14 July 2012. Yes, my birthday, so what, the publisher’s a dear, indulgent friend. From the preface: My first fiction […]

the year that was

Well, it’s a tradition, I suppose, the year-end sum up, hardly subverted by being posted on the first day of the new year instead of the last of the old. So. In 2011, I published two books, a marvel of unprecedented proportion. The New People (and its companion-between-the-covers, Brandon Bell’s Elegant Threat) made little impression […]

can haz story sale?

Possibly my favorite of the stories I’ve written in the last two-three years, “Tattooed Love Boys,” has just sold to GigaNotoSaurus. What’s a GigaNotoSaurus, you ask, besides an oddly capitalized giant carnivorous dinosaur? An intriguing webzine dedicated to the notion that science-fiction and fantasy stories want more meat on their bones than allowed by the […]

update update

Further to the entry of two days ago, I’m relieved to report the revisions to my summer story were less painful than I feared. Mr Berman’s editorial eye is keen and true: if I had but outlined the story in the first place instead of winging it (perish the thought) I might have known to […]